Election Results 2018

Dear fellow Democrats:

While our State wide election results were not what we envisioned on election night, there is a possibility things are changing as we head into 3 State wide recounts and a local one. Meantime here at home, I do want to point out how successful we were in Hillsborough County.

In Hillsborough County we achieved all of our goals (and exceeded some):

  • We took the majority on the HCBOC by winning 2 seats (Kim Overman and Mariella Smith).
  • We flipped 2 Florida House seats from Red to Blue (Adam Hattersley – House District 57 and Fentrice Driskell – House District 63).
  • And it looks like Leader Janet Cruz beat Dana Young to flip a red Senate seat to blue.
  • We were so fortunate to have had financial resources to help these candidates get over the top.
  • Mayor Andrew Gillum took Hillsborough County by 46,603 votes as compared to Hillary, who won HC by 41,000 votes. This was spectacular!!!! We brought it home in Hillsborough County on many fronts. We are really the only county in the State to have such success.
  • We also passed 2 major referenda to invest in local transportation and in our schools and helped pass amendment 4 to restore felons’ rights.

We would not have been successful without each one of you. So THANK YOU!

I saw very competent candidates who were not successful this cycle who should stay on our bench because the future looks bright for them. I think of Debra Bellanti, Debbie Katt, Phil Hornback, Angela Birdsong, Kathy Lewis, and Andrew Davis (this is not an exhaustive list). They have the right message and the right values and voters will continue to connect with them if we give them the opportunity and find the right time. There were many in the primary elections who did not prevail who should also stay on the bench, because they too have inspiring messages and shared values.

We saw a very successful ground game on which we had worked for months. Out of this many teams and friendships have been forged and many new leaders emerged. This is all good for the Party. We met many new volunteers who I hope will stay in contact with us.

So the future looks bright for us in Hillsborough County, which is now blue on more levels of government and we are a beacon of hope for our State! If we show the way and stay the course, others will follow.

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