Hillsborough County Democrats’ annual fundraiser rakes in $135,000


Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee
Ione Townsend
September 29, 2020

Hillsborough County Democrats’ annual fundraiser rakes in $135,000

TAMPA, FL, September 29 –The Hillsborough County Democrats’ staged their second virtual fundraiser of the year last weekend, grossing over $135,000. This year’s annual Kennedy King fundraiser more than doubled the $66,000 raised in their first annual fundraiser last Spring.

“We are a solidly blue county in a purple state,” said Executive Committee Chairman Ione Townsend. “We know that if we do our job and get out the vote here, we have the power to tip the scales and flip all of Florida blue. We take this responsibility extremely seriously. Last weekend’s fundraising for our Victory Fund shows how fired up we are to elect Democrats up and down the ballot and create a blue landslide that even the narcissism of Donald Trump cannot deny.”

The event hosted some 650 people on the interactive social networking platform, Lunchpool. Headline speakers included House Majority Leader the Hon. Steny Hoyer and 72 nd Governor of Virginia the Hon. Terry McAuliffe.

The evening also featured the livestream premiere of the VoteD Project which took place in Ybor City. VoteD is a dual-projector, interactive mobile art installation showcasing Democratic values. Its goal is to inspire and motivate Tampa voters to register and vote Democratic. The VoteD Project will be popping up all over Tampa in the following weeks, including a scheduled stop at a drive-in Debate Watch Party tonight at 8PM, at 2910 W Columbus Dr.
The Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee co-ordinates strategy to elect Democrats and promote progressive values in Hillsborough County.
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